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Two Separate Cigar Shaped UFO Sightings reported 12 hrs apart

Cigar Shaped UFO Sightings reported 5/8/18

Two separate UFO Sightings of a Cigar Shaped UFO reported on 5/8/18: Warsaw Poland time 5:45 PM:Motionless cigar shaped UFO Sighting disappearing in 2 seconds.I observed today an unidentified object "UFO" in the sky - about 5:45 PM (GMT+1), returning from work by bicycle I noticed in the sky shimmering from the sun "cigar", something like a fuselage without wings and tail, which hung motionless in the air.I wanted to stop my bicycle to take a picture, but before I did it, I lost the UFO Sighting for about 2 seconds from my eyes the roof of the passed house covered it but I did not see it again in this place. It took me a few seconds to get to the open space behind the next building, but the sky was completely clean in the radius of many kilometers. UFOjust disappeared. I yet looked around for it for a few minutes, but to no avail.Too bad I didn't make the photo, but it is not a joke. I just felt I have to tell proper people about it. Not everyday I see things like that.

Second UFO Sighting occurred over Newport Rode Island time 5:10 AM: Cigar shaped UFO, uncertain of color, had white, green & red counter-clockwise traveling lights, moving slowly at daybreak over Narragansett Bay, in the area of Newport Bridge & US Naval Base.UFO Sightingslowly traveled the same short route five times, from west to east & returning to the west. On the third trip east, UFOwas half way and appeared to go north towards Bristol, but immediately returned south and headed east, again. On its 5th and final trip, headed east, UFO Sightingdisappeared from site. source nuforc.org

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