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Two Multicolored UFO Sightings reported 5/8/18 over Gloucester MA

Latest UFO Sighting reported 5/8/18 A bright UFO sphere appeared over Annisquam River and pulsed many colors in rapid succession. I was driving home to Gloucester, MA from Salem, MA, tonight, May 8th, about 8:15 pm on route 128 (highway). As I got to about exit 15, I noticed a very bright round UFO on my left far ahead, above the tree line. UFO Sighting was larger than a star and extremely bright and perfectly round.As I got closer and crossed the bridge into Gloucester, I saw that the UFO was hovering over the Annisquam River and moved like a helicopter but was pulsing different colors and was staying fairly stationary, but not completely still. UFO Sighting was also totally silent. As I went around the rotary and headed to my neighborhood, I could still glimpse it when there was an opening in the trees and houses. Once I got to Wheeler St, UFO was closer and brighter, and I saw other cars slow down to look at it. You could make out colors that it was pulsing red, green, purple, yellow but not in that order. I pulled over and watched it for a full minute and then rushed home to tell my kids about it. However, when I pulled into my driveway, there was ANOTHER similar UFO sphere above the Mill River. It too was pulsing colors, so I called my daughters out and we all watched it for a good 10 minutes with binoculars. It was perfectly round like the other one, but a bit further off and higher in the sky. It was harder to see what colors this one was with the naked eye, but we could see color sequences when we watched it through the binoculars. I tried taking photos, but it was too far away for my phone to really catch it. It pulsed just like the other one I had seen on the way home. My younger daughter, age 13, said the UFO looks like "a clear ball filled with multicolored Christmas lights going off in it really fast". We went in for dinner eventually, and 30 minutes later it was gone. source nuforc.org

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