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Two Large UFO Craft Hovering Over Highway New Mexico

Large Dougnut shaped UFO Sighting with Tripod Superstructure atop-about twice the height of a semi trailer-round windows showing brilliantly lit interior-the craft was hovering just above the highway and partially blocking highway 56-we drove (within a foot) around it there was no sound the second UFO Sighting was hovering a bit higher on our right-no markings could be seen. Although curious, we did not get out of our van location was near Clayton, New Mexico in cattle grazing area. I have endured a low pitched motor-like noise (non stop) for over 24 years and Patricia did also.Causing impaired sleep and severe imbalance began about 6 hours after UFO Sighting encounter. mufon cms# 111023 Santa FE New Mexico 6-10-97 Image Illustration.

UFO Sighting seen threw Rear View mirror

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