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Twenty Five UFOs appeared during Alaska Commercial Flight

In 35000 ft cruise flight approximately 200 miles south and abeam the Kamchatka peninsula traveling east in a commercial aircraft, multiple UFOs began appearing high on the horizon one at a time. The UFO Sightings all appeared from nearly the same position in the sky. They would appear as quickly increasing in brightness, spots of light, remain for a moment fully illuminated then accelerate to the south dimming as they moved south until darkening to non observable. The weather at altitude was clear and smooth, a very dark environment with no moon ahead and no ground-based lighting. We watched more than 25 UFOs appear and behave identically. They appeared one after another but never two at once. They popped in at close to the same position in the sky but not at exactly the same time interval between appearances, accelerated, and moved off in the same direction parallel with the horizon. Each became non observable after about the same amount of time about 5 seconds dimming out as they accelerated one by one to the south. There were never two observable at once. mufon cms# 114772 Petroplovask Alaska 4/15/21 Region has had 306 Reported UFO Sightings to date.


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