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Triangle UFO Sighting Over Coastline In Broad Daylight Great Britain 7/6/16

triangle UFO Photo Tyxyn GM July 2016

I have seen the most bizarre thing this afternoon over Tywyn in Gwynnedd North Wales UK. We often see RAF and US jets training in the mountains and valleys here during the working week, and they frequently fly something called the 'Mach Loop' which is a well known circuit they follow. 

However today at approx 12:30 pm we heard this really weird humming noise in the sky almost like electro static energy or a sub station would make, and we look out over the see and saw this weird looking triangle shaped aircraft or craft (see attached images). It was moving really slowly about 5-10 mph about 200 miles off the coast like just to the South of Tywyn off the beach moving in a Northern direction. I was walking my dogs in the sand dunes at the time. Now I am ex RAF and I have a very good knowledge of all military aircraft but I have never seen anything like this. It was no drone or UAV and was the size of a RAF Typhoon fighter jet. As the UFO moved up the coast line it dropped two bright red colored glowing spheres down into the sea and they disappeared. I quickly got this shot on my iphone of the thing as the UFO moved off and just after I took this image, The UFO stopped in mid air, moved upwards and then just disappeared. I called the coastguard but they said nothing unusual had been reported. 

I think this was a UFO because it was certainly nothing we are the Americans have in terms of military technology or aircraft. It was intelligently controlled almost in an over the top way. My wife and i saw this as well as two other dog walkers one of which called the local police to report it. Can you report on this as I definitely thing this is a UFO or something not from this world. MUFON CMS# 77501

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