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Triangle Shaped UFO Sighting Reported 4/28/16 St.Petersburg Fl

Triangle UFO Sighting St.Pertersburg FL 4/28/16

I was coming home from work on 62nd Ave and 275 overpass, when I noticed a UFO triangular object hovering above some apartments. I turned in the look at it as it was silent, I thought is was a helicopter but when I got near the parking lot it turned to the right and started to move slowly. At which point, a second object that looked similar joined it and they started to move off towards the airport. St.Petersburg FL report  The sound that came out of them was like a very heavy rumble sound of rocket engines. It had 5 to 6 bright white lights and no other color lights. One minute it was they were there then they were gone. I was in the military and never seen anything like what I just saw.   source NUFORC

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