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Translucent UFO had something rotating inside and affected the camera in my cell phone

Latest UFO News & Video: UFO Sighting appeared one month earlier hovering slowly in the sky it was distant and you could not tell what it was until I took out my telescope in the middle of the day. it was incredible to see a material that was both see through and reflective the first time I saw it it was heading east and then when I saw it on July 30th it was heading Southwest. The second time I saw the UFO he was directly overhead distant but very visible with binoculars or a telescope this time I decided to attempt to take a picture of it when I pulled out my phone and activated my camera and pointed it at the UFO to my surprise my phone started having bad interference across the screen I've never seen interference like this on my phone and the UFO did not show up when I looked through my phone at it the pictures all came out was static as well.through my telescope the UFO appeared to be like a flattened sphere with approximately 14 lights on either end of it. I could see through the outer shell to something on the inside that was rotating around it leaving Trace lines on the outside I was able to observe it for over 30 minutes with a telescope in detail and still have no idea what it could be. It appeared quite large but so far away it was hard to tell. The UFO slowly across the sky in a sort of wobbly motion. Similar to the head of a jellyfish. MUFON CMS# 78129 Clearlake Oaks CA 7/30/16

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