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Tic-Tac UFO Sightings Encounters

UFO News: It took almost 5 years for the US NAVY to acknowledge the UFO Sightings videos and events that leaked from them which first went public on MARCH 14, 2015. Original story: https://fightersweep.com/1460/x-files-edition/  Why did the Navy acknowledge it now and not then? PUBLIC PRESSURE and POPULARITY.
This is why it's important for the UFO Disclosure Community to acknowledge the Bent Light Discovery of Extraterrestrial Messages in the Visible Light Spectrum. (So that it can be properly investigated.) If we know UFOs are visiting Earth there's NO REASON NOT to be searching in frequencies outside of the radio spectrum to intercept their internal communications. It's not only logical to search the Visible Light Spectrum for their communication channel it has been accomplished yet completely ignored by those who claim to be in pursuit of truth. Image: First public photo of multiple Tic-Tac UFOs. credit William Lawrence

Navy video of Tic-Tac UFOs.jpg

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