Three V shaped UFO Sightings flying very low and quiet Rocklin CA

The sun had already set and the sky was turning dark above as the horizon still had some orange and peach tones fading away. I was walking on the bike path behind the Rocklin softball fields towards the West side of the park and returning home from my routine evening walks, when I saw a commercial airline far off into the distance and flying west toward SMF Intl airport.

I looked directly in front of me and saw three black V-shaped UFOs fly over the Arroyo Grande Condos across the street. It was apparent that they looked small like over sized black birds in the distance but as I was close enough to see the third UFO fly behind the second that had flown in a half circle into the distance, it had an open V shape to it and it made no noise nor did it have any obvious lights. It was a completely dark V shaped flying UFO sighting. This is what alarmed me because it was so quiet and made no sound and flew so close to the condos above. In fact, I questioned myself a! s to whether the craft were over sized birds or even mini drones but these flew steady, relatively fast and far into the sky. There was no one visible outside by the park on Sunday evening except over by the swings.

The third similar UFO Sighting had no wings nor even a cockpit of any kind. It was flying about 5-6000 feet above the ground and at about 1000 ft distance between each other when I first noticed them, until the first aircraft flew off extremely fast and ahead of the others. I could still see it if I looked for it far into the clouds. The third tailed the second as if it was the wing man following it in succession. I did not understand how these UFOs could fly so low to the ground and yet fly so high in a matter of seconds without an emission of fuel left behind them like with a plane. These UFOs were solid, dark black aircraft, but because the sun had gone down, you could not tell if they were metallic but only that the third one had a V shape opening to it. They followed each other like a team of aircraft flying together in unison. 

Just as I approached the Condo's across the street from the pathway and within about 5 quick minutes they had all three disappeared. I could not see them anymore anywhere. I did not have my cell phone with me nor was I able to take any pictures of my sighting but I wanted to share the event because it happened immediately over my Condo unit where I reside and flew directly Northwest into the distance over Highway 65.

What struck me the most about this brief UFO sighting was that I had a feeling that I needed to walk back home on the pathway instead of all the way around the north side of the park. I had a feeling that if I didn't turn around, I would be missing out on something, and there it was. I was fixated on the first UFO and then within seconds, a second appeared out of nowhere, then came the third. It was too obvious to me that these V like aircraft were not supposed to be in the sky and so close to home but I am glad I paid attention to my intuition and got a glimpse at some! thing so tangible and real that it spoke volumes that we are not alone at any given time. UFO Sighting occurred over Rocklin CA on 8/12/18

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