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Three UFOs Sighted by Police Officers

I am a Police Officer for the city of Harper Woods. At approximately 6:00 am, myself and a fellow officer were standing in a parking lot of a church talking before the end of our shift. I was looking towards the southwest at the moon when I glanced towards the southeast. I saw 3 UFOs in the southeast sky and pointed towards them. My co-worker noticed them at that point and attempted to take a picture with his cell phone. He was unable to see the objects with his phone camera, but I was with mine, and took a picture of two of the objects. The UFO Sighting appeared to remain stationary for approximately 3 minutes, the appeared to drift towards the east, maintaining the equal distance. As we watched the UFOs, they appeared to "blink out" of our vision. *Note* the night/morning was cloudless. nuforc.org Harper Woods MI. 7/6/2020.

white Disk Shaped UFO hovering

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