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Three UFO Sightings of Triangular UFOs sighted within minutes of each other Edison NJ

Triangle UFO Sighting Arnold MO 7/3/16 
Hello, this is to report a multiple sighting of triangular UFOs that were observed within 17 mins of each other, location was at private house back yard near Oak Tree Edison, NJ here's the story. 

With the wash out of the Perseid meteor shower give it another chance so set up lawn chairs and waited, saw few steaks but nothing spectacular..... 

But at approx 4:10 am EDT observed a UFO that was directly overhead traveling from south to north,it was shaped like an acute triangle with long sides and had a blue white light on front of it and two rectangular type lights on each side the lights were a different color than the stars and when the UFO would go in front of star it would blot it out I would say this UFO was orbital, for it traveled my field of view in 15-20 secs and was very high in night sky Also it did not shimmer like the stars did, just solid blue white lights. Then to my surprise spotted another UFO craft of this type a few mins later (17) but it was to east on a south east to north west track, approx 70 degrees and moving at same speed as prior one And then another lighted Triangle "UFO"appeared but it was about 6 secs behind this one, having follow same track but as it drew near it acted in a JERKY MANNER, slowing down and speeding up at times lost sight of these UFOs as they left my field of view to the left (NW) 

UFOs observed were about size of three pencil erasers held at arms length , and high up in the sky.Temp was 80 deg hazy hot and humid with a broken cloud cover that would dissipate at times sure looked strange and seeing the ISS station at times these UFOs looked nothing like that or any other terrestrial craft I feel they are of foreign origin WEIRD! MUFON CMS # 78488

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