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Three Silver UFO's circling erratically during daytime

 I had a sighting of 3 UFO’s over highway Rt. 3 North in North Billerica, MA at 10:26 AM on 10/1/20. The sky was crystal clear and not a cloud around, so they were quite obvious. All three of these UFOs were a silver color and reflective. The first one I spotted was traveling north along the tree line about 500 feet up. At first, I thought it was just an odd shaped civilian aircraft but then realized it was like nothing I had seen before. The front of of this UFO Sighting was a triangular shape and the back was rather flat. I was driving so it was hard to make out further detail, especially at its height. I pulled up my Flight Tracker App on phone to see if there were any registered aircraft in the area and there were None within at least 5 miles. I was skeptical that it was anything extraterrestrial until I saw the other 2 UFO craft just ahead of the first one. The other two were the same or similar shaped and in much closer proximity to one another but further up and the first one I spotted went higher! and joined the others. At this point I realized they were not drones of any kind as they were far too big and the fact that two of them were circling around each other in sort of an erratic pattern made me think there’s no way approved aircraft could maneuver that way safely or legally.

I tried getting photos and a quick video of them but unfortunately, they did not come out very clearly…but its evidence of what I saw in some fashion. If you zoom way in toward the middle of the photo, you can see all three of them lined up together while they got further away and in the video you can see my camera trying to focus on the one pacing traffic but then it quickly accelerates toward the end of the video before all three of them disappeared from view almost instantly so I have no idea where they went or in which direction. The whole encounter only lasted about 30 seconds, but I’d be shocked if no one else reported the same thing I saw as there were many cars under them travelling on the highway. I’ve always been a firm believer of extraterrestrial existence and alien UFO’s and there have been questionable things I’ve seen in the past that have been easily able to be debunked but this is the first time I’m pretty confident in what I saw as being something other worldly. Very cool experience nonetheless! nuforc North Billerica MA. U.S. 10:26 am. No Photo's or video has been shown.

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