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Three Chevron Shaped UFO Sightings reported Palm Coast FL

Chevron Shaped UFO Sighting reported Oct 2018 over Palm Coast FL

Three Chevron shaped UFOs with a faint amber glow moved silently in a southerly direction. A dry and clear moonlit night with light clouds. Three Chevron shaped UFOs appeared in an off kilter V formation. They looked to have a faint amber glow as if they may have been reflecting light as opposed to producing their own. They were totally silent as they headed south at a moderately fast speed. My first thought was possibly a spotlight from a nearby airport hitting a cloud but the objects were still visible as they moved away from the cloud and against the clear starlit sky. UFO Sighting then disappeared behind the next cloud. I waited several minutes but the UFOs never reappeared and no spotlights were in use at that time which eliminates that theory.UFO Sightings occurred on Oct 2018 over Palm Coast FL  nuforc.org

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