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There was a tiny UFO ship with tiny people & robotic looking Alien in my bedroom

UFO Alien In Bedroom Texas

It was about 3 to 4 am I couldn't sleep as usual. I closed my eyes let me say this. I've, in the last couple of years realized that I have Spiritual gifts. So all it takes, usually is for me to close my eyes and I see many things. So normally, I kinda look at things and pray and rebuke them to be gone. By simply, asking, Lord Jesus to send His angels to clear the atmosphere. I'll wait on it and watch them do it and then, I can usually rest. That morning, I was headed to a follow up Appt. I was told I had a thyroid issue. It was causing many scary side effects. Anyway. When I closed my eyes, it was if I saw a flat screen t. v. I remember thinking. Lord what or how can impossibly be seeing a TV. Then I was startled by, what appeared to be a, I guess a robotic type of entity. Honestly. I'd seen many things. But never that. So to a certain extent. It was truly alarming. However, in embracing my gifts and continually, searching for answers. I told GOD no matter what he allows me to see. I wouldn't be afraid. So, I actually needed to see what would be next. I froze. He looked at me straight in my face. As if to see if, I was awake. First I closed my eyes, because normally I might be able to see it, anyway. But, I needed to know. I was not imagining it or dreaming. I squinted my eyes and lay extremely still. I began to scroll the room and unbelievably, I saw a ship? About the size of a smaller version of a basketball. I'd have to draw it. It wasn't what TV describes in its shows, in its version of a space ship.It looked truly ancient but at the same time, truly advanced. Maybe from another time. I don't know. It was like golden. I didn't have to pretend to be still any longer. I absolutely froze. Then I saw a door open. Well door let down like a latch. You probably won't believe this. I saw 3 tiny people and a very high illuminated light coming from the inside of it. I mean Angelic not the normal scarey type like I've seen before or captured pictures of in the atmosphere or my home. But really glowing type of, people??? Beings??? I couldn't believe my eyes. I remember just talking to Lord Jesus the whole time. They seem to be talking as well. The next thing I knew. I didn't want to let them know. I was looking. So. I kept trying to see as much as possible, with my peripheral vision. I know for a fact. They stuck me with something. I felt like in my left arm, left leg and my neck. I was not afraid of them. Yet I was afraid if the first entity, to a certain extent. I remember, just closing my eyes praying n praying for The Lord to please let them be gone. The next thing I knew. It was a bout 4:45am. I raised up in disbelief and began crying. I called and text my Pastor friend of mine. Whom I've shared many other encounters with. I'll have to be honest. All aren't as nice as this one. Ive decided to share this, one incident. With the hopes of you guys contacting me. I have much to share with you and hopes of maybe you guys helping me. I know I'm a victim of abductions. I also know that those were not nice and I know for a fact. That they can not even complete an abduction in progress if you will Scream with all of your Might Just simply. JESUS... I thought and was hoping years ago, when it all began. In 2004. I WAS CRAZY. BUT NO. IM NOT. I promised The LORD, because, I have lived through ALLLLL of this pain,laser marks, bites, and many other perverted things. That has been done to me, and SOOOO MUCH MORE. THAT IF He led me to someone who can help me and it would help others. I'd not be afraid. After all. He told me not to be afraid, of any of them. Including those in our own society, who can actual promote these type of demonic abductions. Ive been praying to remember. The results have been startling to say the least. I'm a living witness. God is real. Evil truly does exist. By the way. I got up and went to that Dr. Appt and the next visit. He decided to give me a print out. To keep in my purse. He said my thyroid was better than his and didn't know why I was on diabetic meds and possibly the blood pressure meds either??? Thank you, for taking time to read it. God Bless you... mufon cms# 79918

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