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UFO Sighting occurred on Oct.15,2017 over Olmsted Falls Ohio. I had gotten up to go to the wash room. I heard a louder than usual Plane go over head. I live near a major Airport. I looked out the window to see if the Plane was OK. Instead of Plane I saw a cylinder shaped object to the N.E.. It was stationary and was shimmering red and green. There was no solid coloring although UFO Sighting was whitish silver. It was an upright cylinder UFO and looked like it was floating. I realized I needed to get a picture so my kids would believe me, so I went back to my room to get my Cell phone. When I returned a couple of seconds later it was gone. I was told by my mother that when I was younger my parents saw UFO's treetop level while we where driving home from a late visit with family. My Mother said she tried to wake me to see them ,but I would not get up. My mother became very interested in UFO sightings and checked with Police and local Observatory. The ones she described were not like what I saw. I was not afraid when I saw the UFO today. I felt a calm resignation almost like I was supposed to see it. I only wished that I had seen what my Mom and Dad saw so many years ago. I look forward to my next sighting ,I want to see more and know more. I realize this is not a very big story to you, but to me it was exciting and awesome. mufon cms# 87452

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