The UFO Sightings Mystery Airship Wave of 1896-1897

The best-known of the mystery Airship UFO Sightings waves began in 1896.Afterwards, UFO Sighting reports and accounts of similar airships came from other areas, generally moving eastward across the country. Some accounts during this wave of airship reports claim that occupants were visible on some airships, and encounters with the pilots were reported as well. These occupants often appeared to be human, though their behavior, mannerisms and clothing were sometimes reported to be unusual. Sometimes the apparent humans claimed to be from the planet Mars. Earlier UFO Sighting reports of these type of unknown craft appeared in the Ottawa Ontario press July 12th 1891. According to the press account some residents of Theodore street were considerably startled at about 7 o'clock PM by sighting a Dark UFO apparently suspended in the air over a rifle range. The UFO Sighting appeared somewhat in the shape of a Huge Cigar, at one end of which there appeared to be a revolving fan, while the other end was enlarged from which a Bright Light was plainly visible. Lesser Lights were visible at intervals in the center of the UFO craft. On being asked whether this UFO Sighting might have been an air balloon, those who saw it said the structure was far too large and of a peculiar shape. The craft was travelling form South to North and soon passed out of sight. source The UFO Book by Jerome Clark. The below UFO mystery airship sketch illustrated in the San Francisco area November 1896

Mystery UFO Sighting airship illustrated in the San Francisco Call, November 1896

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