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UFO NEWS TODAY:Dick Hall compiled The UFO Evidence published in 1963 with few official USAF reports and little of the information which would become available over the years. Hall had no access to 1. The Project Grudge/Blue Book Status Reports which were declassified years after they should have been down graded earlier and were only released because of a "sit-in" the Pentagon by Don Berliner and some of his aviation writer colleagues, 2. Bloecher's 1947 research was just in its beginning stages, 3. The Project Blue Book files which were under strict controlled access despite the fact that many of the cases in these files were suppose to be declassified, 4. Bloecher had not yet convinced Major Keyhoe to bring into NICAP the rest of his files for copying and incorporation into the NICAP files, 5. Vast amounts of World War II documents, concerning "foo-fighters" and other UAPs from that era, 6. Thousands of pages of official documents and histories which were later made available at various Archives or by FOIA requests. (Some of these documents are still unavailable such as BIAR (Basic Air Intelligence Requirements) distributed world wide to every Air Force unit, is according to answers to FOIA requests "unavailable.") 7. Massive searches through newspapers and other publications for UFO Sightings accounts by various researchers in world-wide. Even so the material in The UFO Evidence still is a compelling collection. I kept a copy just to make notes and insert updated material within the pages. Soon I had over two bankers boxes of UFO Sightings accounts, historical material not available to Hall at the time. Some of the Project 1947 material like the NAVCAT, Basterfield's collection of catalogs, the Holloman and Woomera reports update Hall's original work.credit Jan AldrichTHE UFO EVIDENCE

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