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The UFO appeared to be under control in its flight path Beeton Ontario CA 8/15/14

My wife and I were relaxing in our family room with the sliding door open one summer in the evening just before dusk it was a beautiful clear evening the sun was just going down. All of a sudden my wife yelled at me to come quick pointing to the sky asking me "what's that"? I said a UFO as I observed the object. It had come out of the west gliding along in a lineal path I estimated at approx. 2 to 3000 ft AGL. It was a tear shaped orb which shimmered a copper Goldish light. It had no appendage no rotors and made no sound. As a private pilot and aircraft owner I have flown around this area for many years so have good judgment for size and altitude. As the UFO drew level to our house I estimated the UFO was around 20 to 30 ft. long. It continued on it's easterly direction unmoving from it's path but appeared to accelerate away out of sight. The Toronto TCA starts at 4000 ft over my house, aircraft typically pass in a NW to SE direction, however, this in no way was any aircraft I am aware of including not a drone. mufon cms # 80428

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