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The Pentagon’s UFO war over AATIP

UFO News: "The situation with the Pentagon’s defunct ‘UFO program’ that ran from 2007-2012, is a complete disaster putting it quite bluntly. There actually comes a point where you must really consider the group mindset of military intelligence think-tank individuals that have been assigned to manage the ‘AATIP’ situation. Despite the severe contradictions in both official statements and evidence, the Pentagon are still holding firm with their position towards both Luis Elizondo and AATIP in a post UAPTF world. The difficult question is therefore asked: Is there a unwitting release of false information as a result of classified UFO material, or are we seeing something more sinister and calculated?"  
The lies that rule the web: The Pentagon’s war over AATIP  written by Andreas 27th August 2020/ credit  W.Kohanski
Pentagon UFO Program

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