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The MADAR UFO Sighting Project

UFO News Today: The MADAR System was created by Fran Ridge over fifty years ago and until recently thanks to new technology it has become available for anyone interested in scientifically documenting the UFO Sighting phenomenon and taking part on the front lines of research. The new MADAR III - B model was just released with better hardware and software designed to be more sensitive and it's yielding results.
For more information about the MADAR Project visitnicap.org and for the those of you that would like to follow up on Facebook please visit Connecticut MADAR III Network.
The MADAR System can detect the following changes in Magnetic Field (mGa)Barometric Pressure Compass Degree
MADAR, Node 106 in Newington, CT is set to go into Alert when it detects a change in the magnetic field at over 20 mGa. My highest detection was over 84,000 mGa.;than use Project Match to correlate the detection with a sighting report from MUFON and NUFORC the Team in Indiana does the search for reports from the MADAR location. credit A.Landrian/C.Rutkowski

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