The Decline in UFO Sightings Reports Continue

SYRACUSE NEW TIMES, July 27, 2018.Now Cheryl Costa reports MUFON data, too."The June 5 New York Skies article Close encounters with UFOs are getting harder to find discussed the falloff in UFO sighting reports in the United States during the early months of 2018 but only featured National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) data as a quick snapshot. At this writing, I have more interesting, and indeed serious, data to report regarding that drop-off.The decline in UFO sightings continues - Syracuse New TimesSince that time, the kind folks at the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) have supplied me with their data for the January through June 2018 time frame.The MUFON sighting numbers have been suffering as well. In 2016 their average monthly UFO sightings were between 350 and 400 per month. In 2017 UFO sightings numbers fell between 275 and 300 reports per month. In 2018 the UFO sighting numbers started at about 375 and bounced between 250 and 300 per month, as shown on the chart.""I did an analysis of individual-shaped silhouettes of UFOs to see if all of the 35 common-shaped silhouettes are following the downward trend. For the most part all of them have been, with two exceptions."


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