Coyne Helicopter UFO Sighting Incident 1973

On October 18, 1973 over nearby Mansfield, Ohio, Flying in the skies east of Mansfield, Ohio (near Mifflin) at around 10:30 p.m., Army Reserve Captain Lawrence Coyne and the crew of his UH-1H helicopter nearly collided with a large, dark-gray, cigar-shaped UFO with red and white lights. After the helicopter used evasive maneuvers to avoid a crash, the UFO appeared to hover for a time before illuminating the Army chopper (and the Reservists inside) with a green "laser-like beam." The unknown UFO then moved off to the west and disappeared over the horizon.

The strange aerial encounter was witnessed (and the Reservists' accounts confirmed) by a family that observed the incident from the ground below. The Coyne Helicopter Case is considered to be one of the best (and most convincing) encounters in UFO lore - and still remains unexplained. credit Michael Huntington

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