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The Aztec UFO Incident New Book

UFO News:  Interview with Suzanne and Scott Ramsey: "A new book on the Aztec UFO Incident is scheduled for publication within the next few years, which will include information gathered since their 2016 book. As to why a new book on this incident is needed, Suzanne Ramsey explains: “In our two previous books on the Aztec Incident, we have done our best to include as much information as possible. However, publishers have limitations on the number of pages, photos, documents, etc. The research on and documentation of this incident is unlike any other incident of this kind, including the pre-incident UFO Sightings by the military, citizens and law enforcement; the UFO incident itself; physical evidence; the scientists that worked on the craft; and the cover-up. “To properly share this information, we plan to write a book that tells the complete story and furnishes much of the information.”" source STATESVILLE RECORD & LANDMARK, October 2019.

Aztec UFO Sighting UFO Incident Book

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