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The Anatomy of the UFO Alien ET Cover-up Exposed

In a masterful 90-minute Power Point presentation UFO researcher and analyst Grant Cameron dissects the significance of the John Podesta email leaks. With Grant’s extensive knowledge of ways in which the cover-up has been managed, he is able to tell the complex story of the behind the scenes maneuvers to achieve some kind of partial disclosure of secret government information proving the reality and importance of flying saucers.

I have strong doubts about whether this current effort will succeed. What we are seeing is perhaps only a dress rehearsal for a play that will be blocked from opening to the public. Nevertheless Grant’s presentation is cause to give us hope that the regimen of lies, ridicule and denial will not endure forever.

Grant's analysis emphasizes the central role of consciousness and for the need to have a positive, hopeful and peaceful relationship with flying saucers "UFOs". In the final part of his talk he shows data from the FREE survey indicating that the overwhelming majority of experiencer's feel that their contacts are non-harmful. credit Joseph Burkes

Join Grant Cameron for a visual presentation of the WikiLeaks emails that have recently been released in regards to ETIs, Extraterrestrial Intelligences...

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