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Texas UFO Sighting Damaged Car's Electrical System

At 9:30 PM this evening Nov 1981 Dale Spurlock had an UFO Sighting experience of a red pulsating domed disc at treetop level while driving 10 miles south-southwest of Marshall Texas in the town of Darco. This was near a small lake and some power lines, and he observed that their were four colored lights red blue green and amber in a row at the base of the dome. UFO Sighting made no sound as it passed left to right just above the tress, and then hovered. The UFO Sighting then tilted and two strong headlights from the front of the UFO shown directly down on his pickup truck. At the conclusion of the incident, the truck's electrical system (combination alternator and battery) was found to have been damaged. No word on whether his insurance covered the repair cost. Credit Thomas Owens 

1981 Darco Texas Disk Shaped UFO Sighting Reported

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