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Teardrop Shaped UFO Sighting Reported

Looking North-North East from Galley Way Fishers, IN 46040 on 05/06/2020 at 10:38 pm EST.  I Looked out of the open garage window and saw a blueish white glowing craft flying East. I wouldn't say it had lights, rather the whole UFO Sighting was glowing. I immediately noticed it was moving at a strange speed, not faster than a plane just an odd pace, not normal. It was shaped like a tear drop with tail pointing west. The UFO Sighting made no noise and had a hazy appearance. It sped off quickly the same direction it was moving. When we walked outside the overhead garage door to try and see it again I expected it to be overcast because of how the object looked and the focus of light coming from it. It was a very clear night though. Venus was very bright and the dull moon was behind our house. The UFO Sighting was gone. I was in the military a long time, deployed overseas, etc. I currently still work for the DOD. I have never seen anything like this before, I have never seen a plane moving at this strange speed, and I do not take this lightly. source nuforc.org 

Blue UFO and two aliens

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