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Swamp Gas UFO Sightings 1966 Police Investigation 33016

swamp gas UFO sighting 1966

POLICE INVESTIGATION: Within minutes of receiving the UFO Sighting complaint at the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Dept, deputies McFadden and Fitzpatrick, Car #34, were dispatched to the witness location, made contact with witness (A). Witness (A) advised that an unidentified object was presently located in the swamp to the rear of the residence and had been so located for approximately one-half hour. Witness (A) further related that the "UFO" object had been observed to rise to an altitude of approximately 500 feet and then to return to the ground. Witness (A) stated that lights were observed upon the object and that the lighting turned from a blue-green to a brilliant red to yellow in coloring. UFO had appeared to be having difficulty in getting off the ground. 
Witness (A) and his son, witness (B), had watched the UFO for some time and then proceeded into the wood and swamps in an attempt to locate the UFO and to see what it was. Both witnesses were in the swamp when the deputies arrived. The deputies, in company with witness (A), proceeded along Dexter-Pinckney Rd to Territorial Rd, and then turned onto Quigley Rd, where a vantage point was obtained, being in direct line with the house (which no longer exists) and the area of the UFO Sighting observation. At this point the patrol vehicle was secured and the afore mentioned proceeded into the woods in an attempt to locate the swamp edge and the UFO. While in the woods a brilliant light was observed from the far edge of the woods, upon approaching, the light dimmed in brilliance. As the afore mentioned approached the upper ridge and the edge of the woods, the brilliant light again appeared and then disappeared. A continued search of the area was conducted through the swamp and high grass with negative results. 
Upon returning to the patrol vehicle they were met by others who had gathered to observe and the undersigned officers were informed that one of the UFOs had been hovering directly over the area where flashlight beams had been seen, and then departed in a west direction of flight at high rate of speed. The deputies and witness (A) returned to the residence where further interviews were conducted. During the subsequent interview, witness (A) stated that he had observed the lights coming from the swamp and had awakened his son, witness (B). Both witnesses then proceeded into the swamps in an attempt to find the UFO which was producing the light. Upon entering the lower edge of the swamp the son stated “what is that thing” and witness (A) looked in the direction indicated, the UFO Sighting was observed. At the instant of observation the small lights went out, and in just an instant, reappeared across the swamp, a distance of about 500 yards. At this time the UFO became illuminated from a brilliant source of light which flowed horizontal between the two (2) small lights. After watching the object for a couple of minutes the rays of light from two flashlights were observed from the ridge above the UFO. The light from the UFO intensified then went out, and a whistle similar to the sound of a rifle bullet ricochet was heard, then the UFO passed directly over the witnesses in just an instant. POLICE DISPOSITION: Further investigation and search of the area was made with negative results. Respectfully submitted, Deputies Fitzpatrick/McFadden Dexter MI 3/20/1966 MUFON CMS #75493

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