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Strange Wing Shaped UFO Sighting appears overhead twice Nebraska

On the night of 4/2/21 my stepson had witnessed a UFO Sighting described as a Silent, flying Wing or Boomerang shaped craft in the sky at approximately midnight. The next night he and I were both on our backyard patio at approximately 11:00 p.m. and I sighted a flying wing shaped UFO moving north at a relatively slow speed. I called it to his attention and he confirmed it was the same as the UFO Sighting he had seen the night before. We both observed it's flight path for no more than 15 seconds, it moved due north at what appeared to be a leisurely pace, and although we could not be certain of it's size and therefore uncertain of altitude it was clearly visible in the night sky, blocking out the stars behind it briefly as it passed. There were no lights and it made no noise. We estimate that it was no more than 500 feet up and, therefore, no more than 10 feet across the bent-wing boomerang shape of the object although we both recognize that if we were underestimating the altitude then we were also underestimating the size. It continued on a straight path until we could no longer see it. mufon cms# 114577 Lyons Nebraska U.S. 4/03/21 Region has had 473 Reported UFO Sightings to Date.

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