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Strange UFO Sighting Reported 3/18/13 Harrah Oklahoma

UFO Sighting witness states I do not remember it well, its a little hazy. I was outside one night like 3 or 4 years ago, wasn't that late like 12 a.m or around there and I seen lights off in the distance kinda like spotlights, so I stayed outside and watched because it was odd for it to be so low to the ground (thinking it was a helicopter or something). but as it got closer I noticed it didn't make any noise at all, then it got even more closer going down the tree line of the road by my house hovering just above the telephone lines, I wanted to run inside and grab my phone for I could get proof of the experience but I remembered my phone was dead an didn't have enough time, and I didn't want to miss a second of what I was witnessing. This UFO was teardrop shaped with a metal body and with what appeared to be 2 spotlights on the front and didn't have any windows of any kind (that I noticed) and had a triangle light formation of red lights going on and off in a row on the back end as it flew on past. I tried to talk to my friends about it when it happened and they didn't believe me that's probably why I repressed it for so many years. Then something just clicked and i started to think about that day again. MUFON CMS # 74415 

UFO Sighting report Harrah Oklahoma 31816

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