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Strange UFO Sighting Knew I was Watching

I witnessed many strange UFO lights while in kayak one early morning. I went for my phone and they went away. Put my phone away and the UFOs came back. Made a couple calls to people in town but they never seen anything. I tried to record video however the camera only recorded black screen but did capture audio only. Total mystery. I could hear a couple (2) helicopters to the west near the base but never seen them. The UFO lights were visible in all directions at times, to the north they were white lights, west red, orange and yellow and white to the east and southeast. They went behind a cloud, vanished, and reappeared. I was half thinking of drones and a military exercise but there was no noise and the distances and movements ruled that out would make that impossible. They were not Star-link, I'm certain of that. Waiting to see if my videos can be enhanced. mufon cms# 116552 Happy Valley Goose Bay Canada 6/28/21 This Region has had 77 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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