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Strange UFO Sighting during late night drive

I was driving on the freeway in the dark at 11:30 pm 7/2/20 and had been thinking about how my dad had a UFO Sighting and realized I believed him and then I was begging to see one in my mind and had done some internet searches on my long hour drive to my boyfriends as well last night about aliens and UFOs. Then a strange flashing UFO lit up in the left of the sky very far away. UFO Sighting was flashing red and then blue. It was shaped like a circus tent array of lights or sort of like a spider shape. UFO Sighting finally stayed red and started moving closer to the middle of the sky and closer to my car. I was still driving at this time. Then I was directly under it and I passed it. It was gone and I called my parents to tell them. During my phone call with my dad, it appeared again far to the left behind buildings and trees. It moved towards the middle of the sky in front of me about a few thousand years ((sic. yards)) up and then it started going back to the left again and slowly inclining higher into the sky towards the moon. That was when I saw three horizontal blue lights in the middle and a Black Disc within the array of red lights. I knew it was not a plane because it was going very random directions and it appeared twice and was following me. It was like they heard me ask them to show up and then they showed up for real! I have never UFO Sighting in my life until last night. I was on the I-405 south Santa Ana CA. nuforc.org

two black disk ufo

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