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Strange UFO Reported above Kent England

I saw a Balloon-shaped UFO but with a pointed top gliding across sky. It had a rod attached to the bottom: I was in my back-garden enjoying the sun at around 2:10pm when I noticed a shimmering UFO (it was a clear day on 03/25/2020). The Rod on the bottom of the object and the UFO itself did not seem to wobble like a normal balloon would. The UFO Sighting moved at a steady speed in the direction of the wind traveling west-wards and there was a plane in around the same direction but the plane was around 400ft-900ft higher than the UFO Sighting. I filmed the event with my Lumix Panasonic dmg-tz6 camera. The UFO Sighting was a cream color. MUFON CMS# 107351 Kent England 3/25/20 Region has had 2083 Reported UFO Sightings to date. No video with supported format available.

silver disk shaped UFO

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