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Strange Intelligent Bright White Orb

On August 3, 2020 at approximately 9:10 pm, my elderly mom and I were sitting in the dark, due to a power outage that occurred about 45 minutes prior. I was on the couch and she on a recliner, that faces a large glass sliding door and wall. It leads to an outdoor balcony that overlooks a small field. Across that field is another two story apartment building. Woods are surrounding both buildings, with very tall, old trees. As we sat in the dark, looking out the open sliding glass doors at approximately 9:10 pm, I became aware of a bright baseball sized white light Orb, hovering near the front top one of the very large trees. It gave off no light around it and I heard no sound. I watched it for about 20 seconds when it just disappeared. I thought it odd because it was in front of the tree and the light was not coming through the tree like an airplane would. It was larger than a plane, as well. I looked away and told my mom that I had seen an odd light in the tree to our northeast at about a 30-35 degree altitude and was trying to figure out what it was. The Orb light was very bright white orb that cast no light on the tree and was a perfect circle with no hazy light around it. At that explanation to my mother, I saw it go from right to left( east to west) across the roof of the two story apartment building across us, separated by a 75 foot field. the orb was very bright and steady in intensity and moved very fast across the roof not on the roof itself, but flying just above it. Orb disappears beyond my site line, due to the walls on the outside balcony. I told my mom to quickly look out the glass doors and at that moment, we both saw it fly about 15 feet above the ground, down the field, in the center, in a straight line. It was extremely fast and went west to east. my mom lost sight of it, while i saw it continue into the woods to the east of my building and disappears. it was a constant bright white orb, the size of a baseball, moving extremely fast. ORB left no light trail behind it and no sound. Nothing else of any significance happened that evening. the lights returned an hour later. Before the storm hits the east coast. In ten years here, I've had multiple odd UFO Sighting experiences Case 26416 and case 70118. I've never experienced anything like this, outside of my apartment area. No other UFO Sighting activity anywhere else but home An odd area. it probably wasn't connected but in the 10 years I've lived here, the lights have gone out once, several years ago. This didn't resemble a Laser light, flashlight or drone. Truly a single bright white solitary orb traveling alone with no craft, but seemed intelligent in it's movements. there is an airport 20 miles to the northeast, in line with the initial tree that's why I initially thought it odd because it was in front of the tree. This looked nothing like the planes and helicopters that I've seen over the years. mufon cms# 110711 Bon Air Virginia 8/3/20

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