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Spectacular UFO Crash Video! Burning UFO or Meteorite lands in Fields Feb 2017

02/01/17 - I went to the countryside at night to film a beautiful moon set over the fields and test a new lens I bought for my Sony a7s camera. After a few videos and photos, I started recording the moon set, when an amazing glowing light fell to the ground. It looked really big but not that far from my location. The UFO was glowing like a meteor, or a burning UFO. It probably crashed in the huge lands in front of me. The UFO literally came out of nowhere, (basically the sky) just like a meteor / meteorite would do. It was also totally silent. One thing about this UFO is really intriguing: it actually reached the ground (at least, the horizon). Weird for a meteor no? Usually, meteors burn so fast that they can't reach the Earth's surface before getting full consumed. This one looked really close to me, so probably small-sized. How could it still burn even right before impact? I spent more than 30 minutes searching the UFO in the huge lands around me, exploring the area with my car. I didn't see anything. If the UFO was even smaller than a car, it could have easily been hidden between wheat plants or big leaves... I know I should have done more research, and hope someone will find something interesting shortly. I 'm still not sure about it's origin. I couldn't help thinking about Crop Circles, as the UFO probably crashed in a field. Was it some kind of firework, burning aircraft or drone? To me, this is definitely a UFO for now.Do you have any idea of what this could be? Please give me your opinion in the comments.

NOTE: The UFO got hidden by the branches in front of me, and probably landed on a lower part of the ground, that's why we can't see any impact!

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