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Silvery UFO Sighting size of your hand flew about 50ft above

While seated at an outdoor Caffe I saw a silvery item (size of a man's hand - 6-8in) pass 60ft above me leaving a small vapor trail I saw it from my right as I faced north. The item was traversing from south to north at approx. 35-40mph (guestimate). The mentioned UFO Sighting shot up like an airplane. Started to have a thicker, longer silvery trail behind it and disappear along with the vapor trail. Do not recall hearing anything out of the ordinary. UFO Sighting description: Silvery it reflected in the sun no clouds that day shape cannot be defined like a small tube but, I do recall that it appeared to have small swooped back wings. a drone? I worked with drones in the military. This had no sound, it was extremely quick for it's size, left a vapor trail, and completely disappeared from my view I know of no current use drone that can do this (military or commercial). I am sorry, I do not have any video or pictures. It happened quickly and was not prepared to see the object. mufon cms# 113968 El Paso Texas 2/25/21 Region has had 6.199 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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