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Silver wing shaped UFO slowly disappeared from cloaking technology?

I was staring at the sky in Lebanon Ohio, and a large rectangular UFO object the size of several city blocks ,and shaped like a wing in structure, was sitting stationary in the sky. This UFO slowly turned on a cloaking mechanism that obscured its crystal clear appearance from the outside inward. The UFO object seemed to be obscured by light twisting around it in a purposeful manner until it disappeared from view. There was an ovular pattern that changed it's appearance as it stared on the outside and eliminated the view of the UFO craft until it reached it's center. The UFO craft had three parallel structures that looked like poles down it's middle. After the UFO was totally cloaked from visible light, three helicopters rushed to the area that the UFO was sighted, my theory is that these beings had an instrument malfunction and that is if they were beings instead of machines only would never reveal their presence on purpose especially to electromagnetic radiation detectors, like radar, radio communications, or visible light and that is how they fool mainstream scientists and even people who don't believe and send information to M.U.F.O.N .Hey this is the real thing this time. My feelings was that maybe the pet theories of relativity may need revision in a way that is unacceptable by most physicists to allow faster than light travel and communications without warping space time. And that maybe the spherical probes that resemble the foo fighters in project blue book that were around the Wright Patterson Area flying in triangular formation that I saw before, in the nineteen nineties, this incident and before reading anything about bluebook may move through space without a changing in mass or experiencing any inertia to acceleration. mufon cms# 81105

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