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Silver-white cigar shaped UFOs floating above Little River SC. 6/9/16

My mother and I were leaving our house in Little River, SC, upon leaving the neighborhood I sighted 2 whitish-silver cigar shaped UFOs, one appeared to be smaller than the other. the larger UFO appeared to not be moving and the smaller UFO of the two did move, it seemed to be slow moving. These UFOs were sighted in the South West sky. (not over the ocean like the infamous "Orange lights" I have previously seen.) When I saw these crafts I knew right away this was not a plane, not a helicopter or blimp. I have lived near a military base most of my life and this was unlike anything I have seen. I will say these UFOs were near impossible to see without my polarized sunglasses because of the sheen. At first my mother did not see them until I handed her my sunglasses. We lost sight of them as we traveled south east, we ended up in North Myrtle Beach to run errands and I sighted them again. NMB is approx 10 miles from my house and the first place I spotted the crafts. When I spotted them this time they appeared to be slow moving in two different directions. The third time I saw them today I was down in Myrtle Beach approx 29 miles from my front door. I called my father in little river, told him the direction (SW) to look and he was able to see the larger of the crafts from where he was. This tells me whatever this was,was high enough in the sky and big enough to be seen from where I was in Myrtle, to where my father was in Little River.

If this were a craft, military or otherwise 1.) you could see it clearly without polarized glasses. 2.) it would not have appeared in the exact same place in the sky over the course of three+ hours. 3.) It would not have been in the same position (height) in the sky and visible for over thirty miles. 4.) the height of this air craft compared to airplanes visible in the sky would have left vapor trails upon movement, these did not. Silver-white cigar shaped UFOs floating above the Grand Stand

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