Silent Oval UFO Sighting Seattle WA

Large low flying UFO Sighting over Seattle just barely visible to the eye due to light pollution that did not look, move, or sound normal I have never done anything like this, but this experience was so crazy that I can’t stop thinking about it and I need to have some kind of solid documentation for what I saw. I went to bed last night (Feb 20, 2020) at 1:00am (so I guess Feb 21, 2020 to be exact). I am 100% certain on the time because I remember thinking to myself “wow it’s exactly 1:00am” when I looked at my phone and decided to then go to bed. I fell asleep pretty fast, quicker than usual, although that part makes sense because I had to get up early that day and I also went to the gym so I was very tired.

At this point, I need to describe my room for this story to make sense. My bed is in the corner of my room against two windows. The top of my head faces the larger window (the direction the sun usually comes from in the morning), and either my face or my back (depending on which direction I lay) faces the other smaller window. There is a small piece of wall where these two windows meet in the corner.

The next thing I remember after falling asleep was that my eyes flew open and I sat up. This also isn’t too uncommon for me it happens because something wakes me up, usually the sun coming over the mountain and directly into my open window onto my face. However I was surprised to look out my window and see that it was still very dark out, though I was sure it must have been at least 5am. This is when I saw that something was off. I noticed the outline of a structure in the sky, and when I saw it I also found that it had several very faint lights on the bottom. Normally when you hear about UFOs you hear about lights and stuff, and I always imagined them to be very bright, but it was as if they had a dimmer switch and were just barely visible if you were looking very hard. The UFO Sighting was oddly shaped, it had smooth and cubic edges and sides, and was mostly in an oval shape. It was moving by pretty slowly, but by the time I recognized what I was seeing it had flown upwards and disappeared. If it had been any darker, or if the UFO had been flying any higher, I wouldn't have seen anything at all. It was just BARELY visible. Honestly the only reason I saw it at all was because there is so much light pollution in Seattle where I was. It also appeared to be MASSIVE showing that it was low flying. I should also note that I live directly under a flight path, so I see planes and other aircraft all day long, but nothing like this. UFO Sighting also made absolutely no sound, which anyone living under a flight path knows is highly unusual. The size, oddness in shape and movement, as well as lack of sound all show to me that this either was not human, or if it was it is something that is kept away from the public. I also want to note that when I first saw it, I thought that maybe my window was reflecting something (combined with my post sleep haze) that made it look as if I was seeing an aircraft. However, to make sure what I was seeing was truly possible, I moved ! my head around to make sure the lights stayed in the correct position and continued to move, and I also looked out both windows and saw the craft pass from one to the other behind the section of my wall between them: in conclusion, I wasn’t seeing things, or if I was my imagination in vividly detailed. The final description I want to give is that when the UFO Sighting disappeared, the night seemed to swallow it, as if it was moving into fog. Again it was already just barely visible if you looked very hard, so when it moved upwards just slightly it instantly was too dark to see it. I really wish I was able to get a picture, but it took me so long to register what I was seeing that by the time I thought about pulling out my phone it had gone. I feel kind of dumb because I always joke about how people can never document weird stuff like this, but now I understand. Oh and when I checked the time immediately after so that I could remember when it happened, it was 1:37am so only a half an hour had passed from when I fell asleep, even though I felt like hours had passed.

I’m not really sure what to do with this info, hence why I'm posting it here. But maybe someone else also had a similar UFO Sighting experience? NUFORC.

Women in bed has UFO Sighting

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