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Silent Dark Triangle UFO in flight with 3 bright white lights Winston Salem NC 12/29/16

Winston Salem NC UFO Sighting Triangle

I was traveling N NE and observed a large, black triangle with solid, bright white lights at each corner (1 per corner). I stopped my vehicle, rolled my window down and shut off my car. It made no sound, hovered approx @100'elevation and seemed to list S then N as if in a light wind. I observed the UFO for approximately 5 minutes and looked away at incoming traffic and looked back to see that the UFO had vanished. There was no trace of it nor any sign of it in the night sky. I recall a weird, numbing sensation emotionally. I felt nothing, didn't know what to think nor could I process what I saw. But I was drawn to it and fixated on the object. It was light an electric humming could be felt throughout my body and mind, but nothing else existed at the moment but the UFO and my interest was focused on that UFO. I drove away after realizing it was gone and it was as if nothing happened at all, but I knew it had happened, but seemed like it was years ago. mufon cms# 81269

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