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Shiny Cylinder UFO Sighting shot off in front of us on the highway 12-29-17 PA

Latest UFO Sighting occurred at around 1 to 1:30 pm Eastern time I was on the highway from Perry county to Lancaster in my car driving with my girlfriend we have to pass through Harrisburg PA. area to get there. On the way through on the highway not far from TMI we saw shiny Cylinder UFO directly overhead and in front of us as we drove down the highway it was in a position perpendicular to the ground it's poles one pointing at the sky and one towards the ground but at about a 45 degree slant. We immediately noticed the UFO was moving oddly fast and not in the direction it appeared to be headed or pointed it was going straight ahead of us down the highway on a clear bright blue day here. Then within a blink of an eye this UFO shot off ahead and disappeared in half a second and was gone. I followed UFO Sighting with my eyes or tried to it's the type of day you can see forever. UFO Sighting got tinier and tinier and was gone like it just shot up into space or the upper atmosphere directly away from our position on the ground I could tell it had just went a humongous distance but all within not even a second and was gone. mufon cms# 89176

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