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Shimmering white and silver diamonds swarm

On May 7, 2020 at approximately 12 noon while walking on the beach located in Venice Manisota beach, Florida, I and another witness observed a shimmering swarm of small diamond shaped objects come in an out of observation. Theses UFOs were not birds and disappeared and appeared (swarming) in and out of phase (like the predator movie). A plane at approximately 30,000 ft was above the object(s) traveling northbound towards Tampa Fla. the UFOs appeared in and out of observation swarming three (3) separate times until it disappeared. I waited 10 minutes after the last sighting to ensure it wasn't birds or another explainable object(s). the shimmering effects were white, silver and, when quickly turned, became momentarily dark like a shadow. there were 50 - 100 small tightly diamond packed objects in perfect harmony and unison swarming about 3/4 to 1 mile south over the water from our location. the attached pictures below are from a separate similar reported sighting a few months ago in Venice Florida near a acrobatic plane that was conducting tricks to give you an idea of what the objects looked like at distance. the objects observed today were much closer than in the attached pictures. The screenshots (pics) were taken on a Samsung s-8 from a 48 second video several months ago. For privacy reasons I am not uploading the video but is available for Mufon inspection and authentication. this is my second sighting of similar UAP's.  mufon cms# 108645 Region has had 5720 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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