Several egged shaped UFO Sightings in the South Carolina sky 2/17/17

Egg Shaped UFO Sighting South Carolina 2/17/17

I was outside with my daughter. She was playing in her sand box and I was laying on the ground beside her looking up like I always do at the sky. It's 72 clear bluebird skies in SC in Feb so we were enjoying the weather. As I am looking up at the sky I see a jet liner coming out of the south heading north east. Just then an UFO the same color as the jet liner enters my view from strait over my head moving from SW to NE. It is egg shaped and the size of Venus in the night sky. The UFO Sighting was moving at what appeared to be a high rate speed. It went from over head to out of sight (about 70 deg.) in 4-5 sec. It caught me by surprised because I couldn't believe what I had just saw. I actually called the UFO hot line within 30 seconds of this happening (Google search on my cell phone) and the guy was very short with me and requested I submit a report here. After I hung up I was looking up toward where the UFO had went and I saw what appeared to be the same UFO appear from the NE and back to the SW. The UFO Sighting was moving slower this time and it actually stopped briefly and then quickly went off to the East and then suddenly vanished. Then about 1 minute later another UFO the same shape and size following what appeared the same path as the first approaching from the SW moving to the NE, but moving at what appeared to be a slower speed (70 deg.) in 7-8 sec. That UFO Sighting went out of sight and I did not see anything else. I even checked the wind to make sure I wasn't seeing something blowing with the wind but it was coming out of the East. Like I said the skies were clear and I definitely saw something I can't explain. nuforc Egg Shaped UFO Sighting report here

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