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Several Cylinder UFOs Sighted over Auburn WA 3416

They (UFOs) came at first a few together than more in larger groups of cylinder UFOs then smaller scattered groups, last just 3 then 1, all coming from the north east going toward the West, bright yellow with inner blinking red & blue thou these inner colors were not well defined to me because I was very scared, the UFOs flew threw several air liners coming & going from Seattle int. Airport, I have a clear view of the air traffic from my condo, I think they were possible below the air liners, they didn't make any sound above the sound of the airliners they were very clear & seemed closer then the airliners, I have lived here almost 12 yrs., have seen all types of commercial & military & medavac planes from my 2nd. Floor deck, these were not even close to anything I have ever seen before, or such a large group, I am still shaken about what I saw & not getting confirmation of this, live alone am very open-minded, have read many considered at one time controversial books many yrs ago & still shocked by this! source NUFORC.org     Date of UFO Sighting 2/23/16

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