Rhomboid Shaped UFO Flashing 5 solid lines of alternating red and white lights Dublin Ohio

UFO Sighting was on September 28,2016 Location was Dublin Ohio UFO report reads as follows: I just bought an application for my iPad plus called Star Chart. I wanted to get the name of a very bright star that I was viewing. I observed just below the star, what I first believed to be an aircraft traveling South with my naked eye. I quickly noticed That I was viewing a Rhomboid shaped UFO with 5 horizontal solid lines of lights.

The UFO lights alternated red, white, red, white and red from top to bottom. My estimate of altitude was about 3 to 5 thousand feet. Well over a mile from my position. It was about four times the size of a 747. It's light flashed about four times faster than normal aircraft. it travel in a straight line and made no sound. It jerked every time it moved. So it appeared to move a square at a time. Hard to explain. The UFO moved in a straight line from horizon to horizon in about 45 seconds. It was almost like watching a projection of an object, very unnatural. There were no clouds in the sky, an extremely clear night. I should have heard noise if it were a jet propelled aircraft. The UFO moved from right to left and I just lost sight of it. During the sighting I was very puzzled and surprised. It was something that I had no reference for. 

I am a 68 year old retired Sr. Vice President of Merck Medco. As a young man I served as a Sgt. in the USAF Security Police. I am a Vietnam veteran and spent most of my service in the Strategic Air Command. Where I spent many hours at night patrolling run ways and watching the night skies. This is the first time in my life where I observed an UFO in the night sky, that I could not explain or had no context for. 

I am very curious if any one has ever reported an UFO like this or if you might have an explanation for what I saw. mufon cms# 79469

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