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Reported Egg Shaped UFO Sighting Bronx New York 10/9/07

At the time of this UFO Sighting event,I lived in an apartment building which is perched on a hill in the northwestern portion of the Bronx along the Hudson River.I was laying in a bunk bed,so to view the window I would have to look slightly down.I don't remember what woke me up or why. I do remember seeing a light pass by my window. Being very curious I got up thinking it would be a helicopter, some of which have flown through my area with searchlights or merely in passing on their way up the Hudson River. My window faces East. From my vantage point it is possible to see most of the Bronx, and as far as Long Island and Queens. It is important to note that my apartment gives excellent views of flight paths from both JFK and La Guardia Airports, as well as views of planes going north onto Connecticut or Boston, or southwest toward Newark and Teterboro. But at this particular time of day, about 2:30 am, there weren't any other aircraft that were visible. It was slightly overcast, with some wind. Clouds were at a high altitude. After I leave my bed to see what was the source of the light coming through my blinds, I see the UFO at just about at the same altitude of my 10th floor window, or approximately 150 - 200 feet off the ground to account for being on top of a hill. It was not moving very quickly. At first the UFO Sighting appeared to be round but as it continued its oval flight path and came toward my window it had the appearance of a slightly stretched egg on its side being slightly thicker on the leading edge. I would not call it a teardrop because it did not taper into a point. It was clearly rounded. By my estimations it appeared to be about 15- 20 feet long, definitely shorter than some single engine propeller planes that I have seen. The UFO must have been approximately 200 - 300 ft from my window at its closest. It appeared to be solid as it maintained a rigid shape the entire time I viewed it. However I could not see what material it was made of because the whole UFO was glowing a fluorescent white. I would not say it was radiating light because later when it descended it did not reflect off the surrounding trees or buildings. There were no external lights and no distinct markings or structural shapes that I could discern. It was also completely silent as far as I could tell. 

The UFO was north-northeast of me when I first saw it. It was moving counter clockwise. The diameter of its oval path when I first saw it must've been about 1 miles north to south and about half a mile from east to west., with the center axis being slightly north of my viewing angle. I watch the UFO make 2 full rotations along this path. Its movements were steady, it did not seem to bobble or sway in anyway. Its rate of speed was also pretty constant during the whole siting but was noticeably slower by the last rotation. Each rotation took less than 10 minutes to complete. It appeared to me that each rotations was becoming more rounded and smaller in diameter. It also appeared as though the center of rotation had moved slightly more east. Since it was not radiating light, the light that I saw through my window might have been the UFO passing by very closely. The area the UFO was flying over is all residential homes and small businesses. I considered it a very boring neighborhood. There are a few schools in the area. There's a shopping center directly down the hill from me on a pretty major street. That was pretty much it. I think this is important to note: toward the most southernly point of the UFO oval path are the Official residences of UN Russian diplomats. I am not pointing out a connection but simply mentioning the coincidence. I am watching the UFO on its 3rd time around, if I'm using its furthest north position as a reference, it stops about 3/4th of the way through without decelerating or adjusting its hover. It had stopped pretty much directly east of me. The area it stopped over is the western portion of Van Cortlandt Park in an area that is near or behind a baseball field I used to frequent. It is just under a mile away from where I live. After about 20 seconds of hovering it descends at a constant rate of speed until it is out of sight, probably hidden by trees. Again, the light was not reflecting off any nearby objects. There are buildings within a few yards of where I saw the object descend. 

The shape and path of the UFO had me convinced it was not a helicopter, but when I saw it land was when it really alarmed me. This is post-9/11 New York City. There are strict air traffic rules. Aircraft DO NOT land anywhere but airports and helipads. This is the moment I started questioning what this UFO Sighting was. 

It remains on the ground for about 5 minutes at which point I see it ascend to a slightly higher altitude and then changing direction towards the north east, still ascending as it is moving away. I lose sight of it probably about 5 miles away through the clouds as it was heading toward Mount Vernon. I can see it move through the clouds as it begins to disappear. The whole UFO Sighting lasted just over half an hour. 

I remained awake for another hour to see if it will return. I regret not having gone to find the site it landed in immediately after the UFO Sighting. I've been to the area since but have not seen anything out of the ordinary except a few deer. It took me quite a while to conclude that what I saw might have been extraterrestrial. Until then I didn't even really know that much about the UFO phenomena. It was a life changing experience that has expanded my perception of reality and its possibilities.MUFON CMS# 75961

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