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Report of Rectangular UFO Sighting over Orlando Florida Highway

On Friday, august 14, 2020 at approx. 5:10 pm I was traveling west on 520 towards Orlando. The area that I was driving was very bright with high visibility and the skies ahead were growing darker due to a forming storm. When I was about 1.5 miles from the merger of 520 and hwy 50, I noticed a large, white (or lightly colored) rectangular UFO approx. 30 degrees above the horizon. The UFO Sighting appeared to be moving in a way that made it appear almost stationary which led me to believe that it may have been a blimp. As I came closer, I noticed that it had well-defined 90-degree edges and was slowly moving in a northern direction. I continued to scan the sky on the leading side of the object to find an aircraft possibly towing an advertisement banner. I could see no aircraft in the sky and quickly noticed that there was no discernible writing or images on the object. I estimated the object to be approx. 5 miles ahead of my location and roughly 180 ft. long and 130 ft. high. It continued to move to the north and then appeared to be turning on a roll axis. Imagine a sheet of paper being held up vertically and then rolling horizontally and becoming flat. The UFO Sighting continued to roll until it became a thin slit in the sky and eventually vanished from view. The whole UFO sighting lasted nearly 2 minutes. I continued to hwy 50 and eventually made my way to the university of central Florida area. I continued to scan the skies, but I never saw the UFO again. mufon cms# 110958 Orlando Florida U.S. 8/14/20 Region has had 5,686 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Photo illustration

Black Retangular UFO

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