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Red Green UFO Sighting reported

I saw a UFO Sighting with flashing red and green lights, with no aircraft or towers nearby so it could only be a UFO, appeared to be moving too. I looked outside my window to get fresh and cool air when I looked up at the stars, few stars were in the air tonight and I saw one out in the distance, something odd had happened about it though, it was flashing. There had never been anything like a tower flashing in the night in that direction so it couldn't be a tower. I have an account with a flight tracking organization (flight aware) which showed no aircraft even flying in Massachusetts at the moment, so it couldn't be an aircraft in the air. So the only other thing it could be was some sort of UFO, I got binoculars to further look and saw it had red and green lights that were flashing, I couldn't tell the shape but looked kind of like a circle/traditional UFO shape. I then got my camera to try and zoom in and record it, I could zoom in and did but It looked like it had moved out of the frame, as if it was flying, although when I stopped looking through the camera and looked out the window I saw it was! still there, so I don't know how far away it is but it certainly has a bright light. 4/9/20 Ludlow MA. NUFORC.org

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