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Rectangle Shaped UFO with 4 red blinking lights at the corners followed me!

Rectangle UFO Sighting report Chugiak AK May 1 2017

I was heading home from Anchorage and I just got back from Arizona on the Redeye. I got off the highway at the Peter’s Creek Exit (east side of highway closest to the mountains). There is a parking lot with a large rock painted to look like a lady bug. I saw what looked like a low flying plane, with a flight path headed west over the parking lot from the mountains. 

I pulled into the parking lot to look up and get a closer look of this “plane”. As I pulled to a stop, the UFO slowed to a stop in front of me and vertically descended to about 100 ft. Its shape was rectangular with four red blinking lights at the corners of its shape. I remember saying out loud, “Oh my God, this isn’t a plane!” 

After that, a white light in the middle of the UFO started to light up, and I started to get freaked out. I put my transmission into gear and spun around and left the parking lot quickly. It changed direction and starting following me north. 

I started screaming because I was scared. Whatever it was, was going to try and take me. It was keeping pace with me and flying directly above me so I increased my speed. This UFO followed me from the parking lot by the highway exit to my street which is about almost one mile to my street. I turned north from the side road from the parking lot to head towards my street and it was still following me. I turned east down another street and then north again to head down my street. As I approached my house I pressed the garage door opener, I slowed to a stop and started to back into my driveway. As I was backing into my garage, I lost visual of the UFO. For a while after that I was scared because I was thinking “oh no! They know where I live!” credit NUFORC.org UFO Sighting occurred on May 1 2017 

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