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Recent UFO Sighting report Something weird is going on at Fort Campbell TN

April 3, 2017

UFO Sightings over Fort Campbell TN April 2017

 Okay. So, about a month ago, I saw a single UFO disc (like a slightly-flattened football; glowing and translucent) make a very rapid landing in the vicinity of Fort Campbell. I reported this UFO Sighting on MUFON as well. Tonight, while looking out my kitchen window, I saw two UFOs, also translucent but with a darker, more pronounced form, perform the same type of landing maneuver. Very rapidly descending at an angle. What the heck is going on at Fort Campbell? Oh I found another sighting report about a UFO at Fort Campbell at the same time as the first report I filed and that guy was across town so I'm absolutely sure it happened.UFO Sightings report April.2,2017 mufon cms# 82939

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