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Reappearance of UFO Triangle's - 3's of Otherworldly Presence

Black Triangle Clearwater Florida 12-23-16

UFO Sighting reported Triangle in shape, in trio, exact equal space if drawn with finger to sky, will draw a "air triangle" Seemed to appear out of no where. Hovered in one position for approximately 7 seconds facing to the area of MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida; zipped in straight lines for few seconds, to the left, forward, to the right, and backwards; for approximately 3 seconds, one was actually overhead, before moving to their original location where first spotted. Then suddenly zipped straight up into the sky, unable to see further due to clouds moved in. They seem to appear in the primary lighting area, the "point end" of triangle, was "brief" - Flash of light. Consider a strobe light flash; but not the same as a lightning flash (there's no storms in area) as if "images were being taken below them". One flash for each "stop" movement before taking off.

All 3 UFOs looked alike, from appearance: all were triangular in shape, had lights underneath - appears to be white, non-blinking, stationary lights. 2 Witnesses were able to count the lights for a total of 9 primary lights and a possibility of 21 secondary lights? (Movement was too quick; a photo shoot by the reporter came out "blurred light movement", unable to process or post image). It made some type of a noise as a "hum" sound, that which one would consider as "electrical hum" pitch; only when these 3 moved to another position. Reporter of this post has seen this before - 1966, 1986, 1996, and now 2016 - in time frame of Fall/Winter (except 1996, was very early Spring and a different UFO, which appeared to be two wheels, one big wheel (outside) with one wheel (inside).) All events occurred within or nearby MacDill AFB in the Tampa Bay Area; Reporter of this post, plus the 5 Witnesses (current event) seeing this is facing E to ESE direction. (Compared with previous visitations) Triangle shaped UFO is triangular with a sloop "upper" which gives the Reporter the idea of "Dynamics and Aerodynamic" design. It appeared that USAF Pilots took off in the area shortly after their manifestation. Too dark outside to determine if the USAF Pilots were responding to the event.

The animals, such as dogs, cats - dogs whimpered and cats scampered into "hiding". The digital system when into error, electronics malfunctioned; DVR and Modem rebooted. Phones were disabled; more so when overhead, attempt to take photo of one of the three, failed. One UFO which was overhead, appeared to be at least a size of a football field (Best guess) - far SMALLER than the one seen earlier; especially 1966 - when Reporter had actually been in contact with aliens, which currently are known as Grays. US Government has been with this reporter since 1st contact in 1966. Other witnesses saw it, much of them scoffed; a couple considered someone "had a drone" ... but drones do not move this supersonic speed, zip without turning sideways and forward/backwards and zips straight up. A few reported having headache after this event occurred, went home to take a Tylenol. nuforc Clearwater Florida Triangle UFO Sightings report here

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